Featuring Three More Restaurants From Five Other Cities In New Mexico

There are more restaurants to cover in New Mexico folks. In the last article, I took you to give cities in New Mexico and gave you three of the best restaurants. I’m going to do the same thing with five different cities. Let’s see what the favorites are this time. Last time, it was the restaurants from Ruidoso and Carlsbad. Roswell is on the list this time, so you never know.

As a matter of fact, let’s start off with Roswell, New Mexico. This city is known for UFOs and tourism of course, so how many restaurants do you think are there? Roswell only has 127 restaurants, and this seems to be a trend for cities in New Mexico. Albuquerque is the only city that has over 1,000 restaurants.

As for Roswell, one of the restaurants that looks like fun to visit is Stellar Coffee Company. Two other restaurants in Roswell that look like winners and have good ratings are Cattleman’s and Cowboy Cafe. Now, I better get moving on to the next city.

In Farmington, New Mexico, there are 125 restaurants. 3 Rivers Eatery & Brewhouse is one top pick. Blue Moon Diner and Francisca’s also look good. Francisca’s is a pizza joint. For the third city, let’s go to Clovis, New Mexico. In Clovis, Leal’s Mexican Food Restaurant gets top billing. Gallery 15 and Cotton Patch Cafe look like two other really neat places to get a bite to eat.

The next city in New Mexico that I’m going to take you to is Deming. Deming has 56 restaurants, and the top rated one is Adobe Deli. Two other top establishments that look good are Irma’s Restaurant and Benji’s Restaurant. Now, where to for the last city?

Let’s go to Artesia, New Mexico, which features a mere 37 restaurants. I keep thinking that I’m going to get to one of these small cities and McDonald’s is going to be in the top five. Roswell was closest so far, but only because they have a special UFO McDonald’s there. In Artesia the top restaurant is, drum roll please, Adobe Rose Restaurant. Two other good choices would be Henry’s Barbecue and The Wellhead Restaurant. McDonald’s comes in at #29, even well behind other fast food restaurants. That does it for these five cities in New Mexico and their best dining establishments. Did I take you to some cities you didn’t expect?