Extremely Popular Tourist Attractions In New Mexico

Tourist attractions are always going to appeal to people that are going to travel into different areas of the country. A state that you may not have been to before is New Mexico, and there are quite a few options for people that travel into this area. You might not realize how much there is to do, and once you have stopped and one of the cities, you can find many activities that will keep you preoccupied your entire state. Let’s discuss a few of the top ones in some of the best cities in New Mexico that you may want to visit.

White Sands National Monument

This is a location that many people visit because of its reputation. It is called White Sands National Monument. It is recommended that you go during February or March when the weather is starting to clear up, and it’s also going to be very comfortable. You can do a 5 mile dune hike, or you could just look at all of the beautiful natural surroundings. It’s a place that you should certainly be during a sunset because of the rolling hills and the exceptional desert terrain.

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad

If you are able to travel to Chama, up near the border of Colorado, you can take this train and see the beautiful aspens, and it’s a very comfortable ride. It’s so different because of its location with its proximity to Colorado and being so close to the San Juan national forest. It’s also close to an Apache nation reservation, so it is very different from what you will actually see when you travel throughout much of New Mexico which can be very dry and like a desert.

It is very important to make this decision early on. You don’t want to be trying to find a hotel once you arrive. If you get your flight at the same time, you can save a lot of money, and you will soon be able to see so much of this beautiful state. Whether you decide to go to Taos, Santa Fe, Rio Rancho, or one of the many other cities, there is always something that you will enjoy. You will need to fly into one of the major cities, but from there you can start to travel throughout New Mexico to see what it has to offer.